is 8,1 KM from Borgo Cozzana

It is also called “ the city of 99 districts” for its extensive flat land characterized by fortified “masserie”, churches, rocky settlements and majestic villas, Monopoli is one of the most beautiful destination in Adriatic sea. Its old town is rich about art and history, it is a jewel of architecture enclosed by walls which it borders the sea from its Castel to Cathedral of “Madonna della Madia” up the golden beaches of just need to discover it.


is 13,1 KM from Borgo Cozzana

It is considered one of the best destination in the world by National Geographic, Polignano a Mare is a poetry corner  that overlooks the sea. Born’s city of “ Mr Volare”, Domenico Modugno, to whom a statue has been dedicated, it gather together place of extraordinary beauty: famous Lama Monachile, the Grotta Palazzese, Ancient and characyerostic village, magnificent Abbey of San Vito, Santo patron of city. Absolutely do not be missed, absolutely to live “ in the blue painted blue”!


is 9,8 KM from Borgo Cozzana

It is situated on limestone plateau of te Land f Trulli and the Caves. Castellana is considered the city with the most important speleologist complex in Italy and Europe. Its fascinating caves shaping by the erosive action of the ancient underground river. They are one of the best attraction place visited from Apulia’s  tourist. Do not miss White Cave, which is considerate one of the most beautiful in the world!


is 19,8 KM from Borgo Cozzana

Who doesn’t never heard of Alberobello? This enchanting city is characterized by typical houses in limestone dating back to prehistoric times. These are extraordinary testament of city stone building and labs. Diamonds of Valle d’Itria, Trulli of Alberobello shine with the pure white of their conical roof between the green of the olive trees and vineyards, making this place a unique destination in the word, a Unesco world heritage site.


is 20,9 KM from Borgo Cozzana

Located between Bari and Salento, it is situated between sea and forest and its founded by history and traditions. Fasano boast of numerous attraction. There are many wonderful religious buildings such as the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Church of San Nicola, Church of Sant’Antonio Abate and others. Archaeological Sites of roman’s time such as “ Egnazia” overlooking the sea with its fine sands. Safari Zoo, park that welcome many animals, which their live in their natural environmental, this is fun for all family.


is 43,8 KM from Borgo Cozzana

It called “White city” for shine of its white houses, so white that you can see these even several kilometres away thanks to its high position. Ostuni is considered the pearl of Brindisi. It is situated on three hills at 200 meters above sea level with its majestic Chatedral and the Aragonese walls protecting it. In addiction to its cultural, artists and architecture importance, a few kilometres form the city, Ostuni have sandy caves and rocky coasts. Among the most famous are Marina di Ostuni, Rosa Marina and Costa Merlata.



is 30,6 KM from Borgo Cozzana

Locorotondo is certainly one of the most characteristic Apulian village. Know for the typical “cummerse”, house sloping roof, its stands on hill in Valle d’Itria between little alleyways and paving avenues in white stone. Panoramic views and ancient churches, walking in the historic centre you will breath fairytale atmosphere suspended in time. Become musical middle of  the southern Italy thanks to Locus and Viva festivals that offer a very accurate lineup offering genres such as progressive jazz, blues and world music.



is 37,4 KM from Borgo Cozzana

This small medieval village overlooks the Valle D’Itria, surrounded by Trulli and ancient olive trees. Orange Flag of the TCI and included the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Cisternino is also a Slow Food city thanks to its gastronomic traditions and the protection of local crops and production such as meat. It will be enough to stop in one of the many butchers, here you will choose the products directly to cook them at the moment enjoying them at the tables outdoors to taste the delicious meat!